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yogi_Assign Rows For Raffle Participants Commensurate With The Respective Number Of Tickets Bought

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Nov-01-2014
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Automatically List Names The Number Of Times Show In The Adjoining Cell
I am using a Google Sheet to help display information for a raffle. I did a similar sheet in OpenOffice previously, but have lost that file and would prefer Google Sheets for it's ease of sharing.

What I have is a doc with two sheets. The first sheet, "Master List," shows information about who's entered, number of entries, running totals, etc. The second sheet, "Ticket Numbers," is (was) designed to just list each entrant the number of times they've entered. "Master List" has the entries starting on row five; A5 is "268" and B5 is "Jack", A6 is "50" and B6 is "Diane", all the way down the rows to the last entrant. I'd like "Ticket Numbers" to be just that, a listing of the names and an assigned number for each of their entries. Jack would get the first 268 numbers and Diane gets the next 50 and so on.

My OpenOffice document had the second sheet just list all the names in column A and I'd use the row numbers as their ticket number. So "Jack" would be in A1:A268 and "Diane" would be in A269:A318. I had a formula in the A cells that I would just copy down the number of rows for my total number of possible entries. This would then allow me to add more entries to an entrant and have the second sheet automatically adjust the numbering on down the list. 

I cannot seem to recall what that formula was nor has searching helped me with Google Sheets. Is this possible in Google Sheets? Any direction on to how to go about it would be greatly appreciated

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