Tuesday, September 23, 2014

yogi_Rotate (Slant) Text Reading From Text String In Cell(s) -- A Formula Based Approach

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post by Deb14 -- question by meljay (https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!searchin/docs/Rotate$20text/docs/KdyxPSBGjjI/8TQRfZs2eoQJ)
How can I rotate text within a cell in Google docs?
Nice answer, but I need the text to be linked to another field. In this case I am doing book spines, and I want the text smaller across the top, and the same text (linked to the across field) down the back in large. I could do each one as a drawing rotate and insert, each time I use the sheet, or else just use Libreoffice that allows me to do this reasonably easily and quickly. The whole, do what you want in another module, edit and import that, loses a lot of functionality, so not a real solution. It would be good if future posters could check old posts, and the comments that arise from them, and don't post solutions that were suggested years ago.

As of now (Sep-23-2014) Google spreadsheet does not support ROTATE (SLANT) text -- following is a formula based solution as a WorkAround

in the image presented below the formulas are

formula in cell B3
=ArrayFormula(join(char(10),rept(" ",row(indirect("YY1:YY"&len(join(char(9),"Google Docs"))))*B1)&mid("Google Docs",row(INDIRECT("YY1:YY"&len("Google Docs"))),1)))
this formula is then dragged to the right for copying to cells C3 to E3


formula in cell F3
=ArrayFormula(join(char(10),rept(" ",(len(join(char(9),"Google Docs"))+1-row(indirect("YY1:YY"&len(join(char(9), "Google Docs")))))*F1)&mid(join(char(9),"Google Docs"),len(join( char(9),"Google Docs"))+1-row( INDIRECT("YY1:YY"&len(join(char(9),"Google Docs")))),1)))

the formulas in cells B3 and F3 may be copied from the following yogi-Sheet2-formula(s)