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yogi_Compute Row By Number Of Hours Driven By Name From Data In Sheet1 And Create A Chart From Computed Data

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Sep-07-2014
post by Christopher Derienzo:
Use two functions in one cell?
Let me start by giving some background of this matter. Our local fire department is transferring from paper to electronic "Driver Sheets". Driver Sheets are what the drivers of the Fire Apparatus use to log everything from name to fuel to mileage to time out and time in (Military Time).
This is my problem:
To have this ultimately work for the department I need the spreadsheet to be able to find the Persons name lets say Billy Jo, and take the out and in times, and subtract them for every time BILLY JO drove an apparatus, and add all of those times up to get a total amount of hours. But nobody else's hours can interfere. Here is an example....
Billy Jo    18:51    19:01
Jimmy Bo   17:08  19:09
Billy Jo     1:45      3:00
What needs to happen is the document needs to find all the Billy Jo's and add up the times he has and then give a total amount of hours with out Jimmy Bo and others' times interfere.
Thank you,
Christopher Derienzo
I must truly say thank you for that formula, Yogi! It has now helped me achieve victory against the evil #ERROR message I have been receiving!! I just have one more thing to ask that has been brought to my attention. Would it be possible to have another sheet open with all of the Driver's Names that would automatically add the info together as it was put in, and then show it in the cell next to the person's name?


Billy Jo  14:01 (time out) 15:01 (time in)
Billy Jo      15:42      17:02
James Bo  17:04     17:55
Kyle Co      23:55     00:10

Now could it take all of Billy Jo's information (how many times his name is listed and his total time, time in subtracted by time out) and put it in a new spreadsheet next to his name? It would have to do the same for every James Bo and Kyle Co, keeping in mind that it will all be in one NEW sheet in the file in per say a chart.

Thanks For all the help so far! And let me know if this is confusing, just tell me what is confusing about it and I will reply with a more in-depth answer for you!

Christopher Derienzo