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yogi_Manipulate Words Separated By Commas Without Splitting Them Into Different Cells

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Sep-13-2014
post by Chkr:
Manipulate words separated by commas without splitting them into different cells
Hello All

I am currently prefixing and appending html elements to names to create html links via concatenate. For example:

fixed cell 1:    <a href="
dynamic reference cell 1:     name1
fixed cell 2:    .html">
fixed cell 3:    </a>

>>>    <a href="">name1</a>

I would like to do the same for a dynamic reference cell which has two or more names in it separated by commas, keeping the new modified forms within the one cell, still separated by commas. Thus:

fixed cell 1:    <a href="
dynamic cell 1:     name1, name2, name3
fixed cell 2:    .html">
fixed cell 3:    </a>

>>>    <a href="">name1</a>, <a href="">name2</a>,  <a href="">name3</a>


I have dabbled and failed, as I am not sure how to manipulate each word without splitting/transposing them into separate cells.

Assistance with this from one of our esteemed gurus would be hugely appreciated!

following is a solution to a bit more generalized problem