Friday, April 11, 2014

yogi_Use Custom Number Formatting In Google New Sheets To Show Numbers In Kilo(thousands) Mega(millions) Tera(trillions)

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How to display 1000 as 1K, or 38863 as 39K
I'm tracking wordcounts for a series of novels. The specific wordcount is important at times. But generally, rounding to the nearest thousand is all that's necessary.

In my sheet, I'd like to be able to take a high number like 38,863 and convert that so it simply displays as "39K" instead. 

Is it possible to do this? 

I Googled an found several answers for doing this in Excel, but as far as I can tell Sheets doesn't have the same custom number formatting options. But I can't help but think with the right knowledge it should still be possible.

Thanks! You guys are awesome!