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yogi_Apply Conditional Formatting To 'Project Due Date' Column Based On MileStones (flags) In Table C1 to E6

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Conditional Formating - How To: Change cell color according to date range
I've been searching everywhere and can't find the answer, but I know it's got to be out there.

I have tasks that have a scheduled "complete by" date. I want them to change colors as real time gets closer to that complete date.

If A1 is equal to or less than 7 days away, turn background red (This is the only one I can get working...)

If A1 is greater than 7 days away and less than or equal to 14 days away, turn bg orange.

If A1 is greater than 14 days away and less than or equal to 30 days away, turn bg yellow.

If A1 is greater than 30 days away, turn green.

Any tips would be great! Thanks
following is a solution to a bit more generalized problem