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yogi_Have A Student LookUp One's Grade On The Web

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post by Mark Gunkel -- question by Saylom Saenbandith: (!mydiscussions/docs/IdSkKDhBgm8)
Teacher wanting to use online spreadsheet for grading

I have created a sample master grade spreadsheet. However, I'm not sure what you mean by creating a student grade sheet within the master grade sheet.   Also, when creating a form where students enter in their I.D., how do I link the form to their grade sheet for their individual grade?  Any help would be great.  I have spent hours looking for an answer and you seem to have the best resolution.  

Thank you.

In the following solution, I setup a form in my blog post via which a student submits her/his Student ID -- the Student ID along with the Timestamp is logged in 'Form Responses 1' sheet. I the created a sheet GradeByStudentID in which I pull the latest submitted Student ID by ordering the data in 'Form Responses 1' sheet in descending order and the pulling only one Student ID submitted. I then lookup the grade associated with the latest submitted Student ID in GradeByStudentID sheet. Then I publish the GradeByStudentID sheet after hiding all the other sheets.

here is the Form via which the student will submit her/his Student ID

and here is the spreadsheet where the student looks up the grade shown by her/his Student ID ...
it could take a couple of minutes for the data to be displayed in the following --

note to student:
1) make sure that it is your Student ID and the associated grade that you are reading
2) it can help expedite the disply of your Student ID and Grade by refreshing your browser

since as of now (Apr-07-2014) I can not publish a select single spreadsheet ... the following sheets can be hidden 1) 'Form Responses 1' 2) GradeSheet In this blog post I have shown the preceding sheets in light grey -- but these can be safely hidden without affecting the result published via GradeByStudentID