Wednesday, April 16, 2014

yogi_Apply Conditional Formatting -- Starting With Row 2 Column B If A Name Does not appear In Previous Column(s) Change Its Font Color To Red

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New Conditional Formatting option - Custom formula is
Hoping someone can help whether custom conditional formatting is possible for something like this.
thank you

I have a spreadsheet where I have different names listed by column.
Everday I'll have new columns of names.

I want to be able to change text of a name that is not in previous columns to red.


A       B      C        D
Bob   Mike   Bob   John
John  Bob    Dee    Chris
Will   John   John    Will
Kay   Will    Kay    Kay

So column B would have Bob text change to red
Column C,   Dee would change to red text
Column D,  Chris text would change to red,