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yogi_Mark YES Row By Row If Column A Has 'DA' And Any Of The Columns B C D Is Blank

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Finding Blank Cells
Can I create a formula that will tell me if one cell out of a range is blank, while also filtering so that one column meets a criteria?

For example, I attached a screen shot of a sample sheet. Would there be a way to set up a formula that references the data in column A1:D8 and returns an error message if column A = "DA" and any of the other columns are blank. I don't need to know what information is missing. 

Basically, I want to add something to a Dashboard that would indicate that the information is not complete and which magazine has incomplete information. It wouldn't matter if it was one cell or twenty. Just something that would indicate to the editors that they need to go back in double check their work. 

Is that even possible?
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