Monday, June 17, 2013

yogi_WorkAround For Formating A Date in A Style Not Available Via More Formats For The Related Spreadsheet Locale

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Jun 18, 2013
user rajesh kudesia (!category-topic/docs/spreadsheets/o_xl7G5LIQM)
I can't see date format 26 Sept 2008
When I click Format-Numbers-More Formats, I don't see all date formats. Only limited formats I see. I need 26 Sept 2008. But I don't see it.I use Windows XP and tried Firefox and chrome both. I deleted history too.
I see only three formats i.e. 26/09/08, 26/09 and time 15.59. I don't see '26 Sept 2008'. Sheet is made in this month only. Spreadsheet settings are India.
Varma Ji,
Thanks, it works. But this way I have to enter each date in each cell. It does not format the column. So big job for my staff.