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yogi_Compute Extract The Lowest Total From A Number Of Bid Amounts in Column B

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Would it be possible to do as I asked in the title? (Using Firefox on an Windows XP OS). Let me elaborate a touch. Say we have the following data:

Cell #     Value
1               7
5               5
7               9
13             3
27             8

So in this case, the data is all in the same column, but spread out vertically. Is it possible to choose certain cells to compare, then output the lowest number? So in this case, it would compare all 5 cells and choose cell # 13 to put the value of 3 into another cell for me. I have some basic formula knowledge from Excel, but it's very basic and I can't seem to remember anything pertaining to this. Hopefully it's possible! Thank you in advance for responses!!

Andrew Hazelwood


My apologizes in not making the data realistic but simple. Here is a link to a new spreadsheet with the new (and simplistic) data.


A) Tell us what you need help with.
          As I said before, I want to compare several summations in order to determine which summation provides the LOWEST sum, and then use that sum in a simple calculation (just multiplying it by 2).

B) In which cell? Of which sheet?
          In the new spreadsheet provided, the three summations are in Sheet1, cells B6, B12 and B18. I would like to compare the 3 and have the spreadsheet automatically write that summation in cell E2 and multiply it by 2.

C) Show us your expected result.
          The three summations are 15, 22 and 18 (respective to the cell numbers provided above). The spreadsheet would compare them, find that the first summation of "15" is the lowest, then multiply it by 2 to get "30", which would appear in cell E2.

Hope I gave you what you needed this time! Sorry for the delays and mix ups.