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yogi_Set Up Formula To Automatically Calculate Row by Row WeekDay Month And Day In Columns C D And E As Dates Are Entered In Column B

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Jun 17, 2013
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I've been reading several posts about auto copy, but they all use arrayformulas() and i'm not that advanced, so i'm going to ask my question a little differently.

Goal:  Eliminate unnecessary formulas down the entire row, but rather have them auto copy when data in the first column is added to a new row.

Data:  In my Sheets document i have the following:

COLUMN A - Manually entered date
COLUMN B - Formula (see below) would return the Day of the Week (i.e. Saturday)

A         B
2 6/1/2013 =IF(A2<>0,TEXT(A2,"dddd"),"")

I want the formula in B2 to auto copy to B3 if A3 contains any value other than 0

Is this even possible or am I completely over-complicating this?


Here is what you asked and my responses:

a) tell us what you need help with
I need help adding a formula or script that will auto-add formulas to the next row when a new date value is entered so that i can avoid unnecessary formulas all the way down the entire sheet.  * (As a bonus, it would also be great to do the same thing with the validation cells whereby they are copied down as a new date is added.  This would eliminate the grey down-arrows from populating all the way down the column.)

b) in which cell?
Columns B-E

c) of which sheet?
Test Sheet

d) show us your expected result along with needed logic/explanation
The expected result is not to have the formulas copied down the entire column.
The current formula is the noted columns is current and correct.

The link to the file is below: