Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yogi_Manipulate Multiple Dates By Changing A Qualifier In A Separate Column

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Whathe1 said:
How can I manipulate multiple dates by changing a qualifier in a separate column?
I have a column full of numerous dates (column A). I would like to be able to alter all the dates in column "A" simply by adding a number to a cell located in Column B. For example if in A1 I had July 20 2011, I could change the date in A1 to July 21, 2011 simply by adding a 1 to the predetermined cell in Column B and if I wanted the date in A1 changed to July 22,2011 I would obviously change the cell in Column B to "2".
My Goal here is to basically add some temporary scalability and effectively alter hundreds of dates in Column A without having to manually adjust them.
Hopefully I've explained this clearly enough and I would appreciate any assistance that could be given.
What we need here is an array formula ... even though it is a trivial issue, it is best illustrate with the following example in Sheet1 and Sheet2