Sunday, July 24, 2011

yogi_Create Questions In Google Forms With Specified Multiple Attributes

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djgroves03 said:
Creating a multiple choice question in forms with write-in answers
I'm creating a survey in Forms and I want to have a question that asks something like: "What percentage or your clients speak the following languages?" and then have a series of languages listed, giving the responder the ability to fill in a percentage next to each language.
For example, the survey provides the following options: "english," "spanish," "mandarin," and "french" and the responder is able to fill in "65%," "25%," "0%" and "10%" next to each one.
How do I do this?
Not a write-in answer ... but my following solution is a simple workaround that should do the job. I used the Scale type question

in the following I present the Form that I created for this ...

and here is the spreadsheet