Saturday, July 23, 2011

yogi_Enter Data In Columns A,B,C And Present Sorted In Columns F,G,H Of Specified Block Size

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SusanASarandon said
How Do I Sort All The Info Alphabetically On The Entire SS At Once?
I have columns A-D filled with names and I can sort them alphabetically, but only by each column. The reason I didn't use just one column was so that I could see everything on my screen at once. How can I Sort all the data A ---> Z so
that the columns are 25 lines long and go alphabetical like A1-A25 to B1-B25 to C-1 to C-25 and so on?
I have taken a case where the data can be entered say in columns A,B, and C in any number of rows ... then data entered in columns A,B, And C taken together is sorted in ascending order ... and then presented in columns F, G, and H in the specified Block size.