Tuesday, July 26, 2011

yogi_Determine Name Of An Area From X And Y Coordinates

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marklancs said:
determine name of an area from x.y co-ords
Imagine a a square 100 x 100.
x=1 to 50/y=1 to 50 is area 1.
x=1 to 50/y=51 to 100 is area 2.
x=51 to 100/y=1 to 50 is area 3.
x=51 to 100/y=51 to 100 is area 4.
X co-ords are in column A, Y co-ords are in column B other static info in C and D. I need column E to calculate Area Name when new co-ords entered.
There is probably an easy way of doing this. The only one i can think of is a lot of If's along the line on if x>0 and x<51 and y>0 and y<51 then ...

here is an image showing the data with X and Y coordinates in columns A and B and the desired results in column C ...