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yogi_Convert Time Imn Minutes (positive and negavive) Into Hours and Minutes

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Converting Minutes to Hours and Minutes
I track my daughter's chores relative to time within Google Sheets. We use minutes to update the amount of time she earns and spends (e.g. she earns 30 minutes for cleaning her room or uses 60 minutes to play a computer game). But for subtotals on earnings and spending as well as the total balance available, it would be better to display times in terms of hours and minutes. I've tried a few different solutions but they all seem to come up short when trying to account for all factors like negative time, time in the single digits, whole hours without minutes, etc. This spreadsheet of blasphemous formulas seems to handle all the variations of counting up time that I need (in context of HH:MM) but I was wondering if there's a way to simplify the number of formulas.

Appreciate your help in advance!
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