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yogi_Populating different pieces of text from a single cell into various other cells

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Populating different pieces of text from a single cell into various other cells?
I currently have Sheets integrated with an automated Slack channel that collects all customer submissions of a form on our website. The integration puts all of the Slack text into a single cell, but I'm looking to get specific peaces of info from the text in those cells to be separated out into other cells automatically. The text is coming into column A, and always follows the same template:


I don't think I can use the Choose/Match functions as each text entry into column A will have unique values for each of the above fields. Is it possible to functionally generate whatever text follows 'id:' into column B, whatever text follows 'name:' into column C, etc. From what I've read online it seems like this may be possible with one or both of the RegexMatch and RegexReplace functions, but admittedly they're both way over my head.

I think one of the main curveballs here is that there is not a standard number of characters that will be in each of those fields in the column A text. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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