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yogi_Sort Table B3:I68 and L3:S23 in 'Points Standing' By Column I And S Respectively In Descending Order

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Sort a range that uses a =unique function
I have a spreadsheet that keeps score of a competition.

Competition is 6 rounds, and I'm using a vlookup embedded in an iferror to total the points of each rounds.
To generate the final list, I'm also using a unique function, to ensure that participants names only appear once.

Happy to post a link to a copy of the spreadsheet if someone can offer some help!

I'm trying to sort the range by points value, and the total points is calculated by =sum(range)-min(range) as the total points is total minus lowest value.
Whenever I attempt to sort the range it's repopulates into the list of names initially populated by the unique function.

I've found this by playing around with the formulas that generate the total points, with no change any time.

Anyone able to offer help?

TL;DR: Unable to sort range by points value in column G, as column A has unique function

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