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yogi_Conditionally Format Cells In Column A Which Math The Entry In DropDown List In Cell G6

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Matching formula
Hi folks!
I try to create timetable and I want to create formula which will help students or them parents to find when they have a class or private lesson.
I will attach link below.
What I want exactly is, if I pick name from List in cell G6 I'd like to that name to be highlighted in all spreadsheet, in addition kid belongs to the different classes/groups, Latvian, Trolls etc and I'd like to be those groups highlighted as well when I pick child name.
Simplyfing if I pick name Amelia in G6 I'd like to highlighted that name and Troll group as she belong to that group as well.
I was able to use match formula, but once I picked name in G6 and it was matching with the name from A column it was highlithing name but in G6 not in A column.
and You can see on the other spread that Rayley is in the Trolls group
so I'd like Trolls and his name to be highlithed.
I hope You will be able to understand. I always try to find out everything on my own but this is difficult for me.
Thanks in advance.

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