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yogi_From 'Speed Torque Table' Sheet2 Find The Torque Associated With Specified Speed Value In Cell A3

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How to get sheets to pick a value from a table that is closest to a target value in Sheets

I have a table that contains testing data values for speed and torque of a motor. I am doing a calculation to give me a calculated speed. I want to make a formula that will find the speed closest to my target value, and then grab the torque that is associated with that speed. The goal is to find the actual attainable torque based on a theoretical speed. 

Target speed 1000 RPM

table in separate sheet
Speed     Torque
980           21
997           19
1005         18
1012         16

I would want the cell to display 19 as the answer given the input of 1000. 

So its looking up a value closest to the target value and then grabbing the number from the cell beside it. Hope this makes sense

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