Saturday, January 2, 2016

yogi_Split A String Consisting Of Several Sets Of Entries Into Their Respective Set In Columns Separated at ZipCode For Each Set

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Split comma delimited text in one cell into multiple columns and rows

I have a string of text separated by commas in one cell, for example:
A1George, Michael, 49Yrs, Musician, 6ft2in, 240lbs, Bos, 01616, Tony, Douglas, 32Yrs, Boxer, 5ft11in, 145lbs, Bal, 21228, Sam, Mitchell, 46Yrs, Accountant, NY, 10475

I want to separate it so it looks like this:
  A B C D E F I J
George Michael 49Yrs Musician 6ft2in 240lbs Bos 01616
Tony Douglas 32Yrs Boxer 5ft11in 145lbs Bal 21228

Is there a function or code I can use to split the text maybe after the 8th comma, and then I can transpose the data into rows?

Anything will help.