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yogi_Compute Number Of Instances Of Leave For Each Person Listed In D2:I2 For Time period Selected In Cell A1

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Using SUMPRODUCT + SUBTOTAL + OFFSET with Google Spread Sheet
hello every one,
My task is to accomplish Count text based on Criteria (Countif) for only filtered Range
For that i tried Subtotal Function. But, Subtotal Function doesn't host Count if
As a substitute i found following formula


it works perfectly in Excel 2013
but, when the same is placed in Google Spread Sheet it shows the error as 

"SUMPRODUCT has mismatched range sizes. Expected row count: 1. column count: 1. Actual row count: 2014, column count: 1."
and returns the value as "#VALUE!" 

is there any means by which i can accomodate this formula into Google Spread Sheet. 
or else is there any substitute to this formula to place it in google Spread sheet.

thank you very much.