Tuesday, October 28, 2014

yogi_Row By Row Sum Of Points In Range E2 Through K

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post by  roddyt:
Equation errors in duplicate sheets
I am having major issues dealing with a spreadsheet to help me grade my Fantasy Football equations for my 8th grade classes. 
 I have the students enter the stats via form, then I enter the formula so that the spreadsheet will determine the amount of points the students should have (saves me from having to compute each equation 100s of times).
My problem erupts when I duplicate the sheet, then clear the previous week's stats so that I can look at one week at a time.  Below is a picture of what happens when students begin entering stats for the next week.  If I delete the info from the columns, then go back and copy the formulas from the duplicate page, it works until someone new enters data.
What am I doing wrong?  I do not want to resize columns, write new formulas, and do a new form each week to separate the data for my student competition.
I know this is a novice mistake, but I would appreciate any help.

PS - Ref Says Error: Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in E52.