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yogi_Formula In Cells Of Column D For Groups Of Times Between 16th_and_4th_Hour and 4th_and_16th-Hour

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Oct-19-2014
post by  James Lynch1023:
How do i get sum total of separate columns based off date/hour? Google sheets
Hello, first off as the question title says i'm trying to find out a way to add up a column, based off hours in another column. 
I write down information on tickets in rows, containing:" (a1)date/(b1)time/(c1)amount" now what i'm trying to do is get from 16:00-4:00 "amounts" summed up through the time, not based on cell identity. 
i want to have a reoccurring 12 hour cell that adds up 4:00-16:00 then from 16:00-4:00. Some 12 hour periods there are less rows then others, is why i'm trying to get a total of amount based of the time periods.

for example:
      A        B          C        D
1  10/19    18:40      150
2  10/19    21:15      132 
3  10/19    23:50      152
4  10/20     1:20       128   d4(This is where I want a function to get the sum of c1-c4, based off 16:00-4:00)
5  10/20     5:30       100
6  10/20    15:55      213   d6(This is where I want a function to get the sum of c5-c6 based off 4:00-16:00)

Sorry for improper used of terminology, would appreciate any answer's or other ways of tracking this.