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yogi_Use VLookup Function To Pull Data From Form Submissions Into Another Sheet And Then Sort It In Descending Order

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Jun-18-2014
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VLookup problem - cells not populating and formula changes upon data entry
June 21, 2014

Looking for Google sheets help with this question:

Operating system:  Windows 7
Browser:  Google Chrome

Here is the link to the sample form.  This is a sample of a problem I'm having with a real spreadsheet and job applicants for teaching positions.

On the resulting spreadsheet I have 4 tabs.  In the sample, I have the following tabs:

​Tab 1: Form Responses 1 (captures data from the live form)
Tab 2: Sample Roster (copies another spreadsheet with staff information)
Tab 3: Eligible Applicants (uses vLookup to get information from the Sample Roster based on the OCT# from Form Responses 1)
Tab 4: Sorts the results from Eligible applicants based on a variety of criteria

My problem is that when the spreadsheet is first created everything works well.  However, once new data is entered from the form, Tabs 1-2 work, but tab 3 does not show any new entries, and the formula changes on the spreadsheet where the data should have been entered.  

You will see on cell 8 of Eligible Applicants, the data does not show up and the formula changes to D9 where it was originally D8.

Any thoughts?  One thing I was thinking is that despite the spreadsheet data being formatted as plain text, the data from the form coming in is not showing as plain text?

Thanks from Canada, Inspired education. Inspiring students.