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yogi_Pull Multicell Values Using VLOOKUP Where LookUp Table Is Not Set Up With First Column as The LookUp Column

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arrayformula with 2 criteria filter
Hello all

I have a sheet like this:
On the column D I have this formula:


What i want to do is to apply ArrayFormula to the above formula so it replicates all down the table.
One thing i have in mind is that there will never be 2 players at the same spot, so duplicates will never happen.

I have searching for 2 days already, and all sugestions i have found is for 1 critéria only, not for 2 (As my filter states).
I want to use ArrayFormula instead of iterating because i have another sheet with 3000 Spots, and he takes always a while to process.

Any help would be apreciated.