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yogi_Pull Columns For 'Person 1' Only From 'PlatForm 1' That Contains Columns For A Number of Persons

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Jun-13-2014
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Can you add a horizontal filter to data in Google Sheets?
I have figured out how to add a filter so my sheet hides rows, but I am looking for a way to hide columns with a filter view. I'd like to be able to sort this information and set a few different filter views for the same sheet. I considered rotating the data so I could use the vertical filters, but it's much more difficult to review that way. Any suggestions are appreciated. 
You can find a sample of my document here. You'll see it's a schedule for my department. The sample is just for a week, but typically I would make it for an entire month. We have people who are trained to work in multiple areas and we need to be sure we have enough staff for all areas at all times. We don't have scheduling software and I can't get anyone on board with getting some, so while those suggestions are appreciated, it won't work for me at this present time :)

You'll see the "Master Schedule" sheet is a basic overview of who is scheduled. Typically, the following weeks would each be listed under the first one (for the sake of an example, I have only included 1 week). You will also noticed I have added some filter views to this sheet to demonstrate that they do work beautifully for this sheet.

The individual platform sheets are how I calculate the number of people we have working at a given time who are trained in a specific area. You will notice I have a column for each person on each day where we mark the times they will be working. I have a "countif" formula set up to calculate how many people are working for that platform. As you look through the different platforms, you will notice several employees are trained on multiple platforms. 

You will also notice that certain areas of this document are locked while others are editable. That is how I share the document with my staff. They have the ability to edit and update their schedule as needed.

Here is where the horizontal filters would come in handy: When staff need to update their schedule, they have to sort through an entire month's worth of information. You'll notice the filter views on the master sheet help with that, but those are vertical filters that hide rows. On the platform sheets I would like to set up a similar filter, except I want it to have a horizontal filter that hides columns. This way a person could choose their filter and only see their shifts to make necessary changes.