Tuesday, June 10, 2014

yogi_Compute Row By Row Running Average Of Actual Steps Taken From A Table Of Date Type And Steps

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How to write a "selective" Array Formula
I would like to use an array formula to calculate a running average of the steps I take each day.  I maintain a sheet (link follows) where I enter my PLAN number of steps for the beginning and end of the month and post my ACTUAL steps each day.  I would like the array formula to ignore any values in the PLAN rows when calculating the running average.

A simplified version of the sheet can be found at this link:

I have a formula in D1 that almost gets me there (thanks to several posts to other questions in this group by Yogi and Adam).  The only problem with this formula is that it includes the values from the PLAN rows when calculating the running average.  The desired outcome is shown in column F, which calculates a running average for the ACTUAL rows only.

Thank you for any suggestions.