Tuesday, March 25, 2014

yogi_Count Row By Row Number Of Attendees In Column E By Categories In Column C

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Trying to add cells in rows that meet certain criteria
I am getting married, and we are working on our guest list.  What I would like to do is be able to easily know how many people are coming from each category (my friends, her friends, familes, mutual, etc)  


I currently have a COUNTIF formula counting the category each family, or person fits into.  However, to make this work we would have to add a line for EVERY family member, which would take too long, and we will not be sending out an invitation to everyone so it would be easier to have a line for each family, or person who will be receiving an invitation.  

What I want is for the "Colby Guests" cell to: 1) Determine which row(s) applies (i.e. has "Colby") and then 2) add the number in the "reception" column for that row.  
Is this possible, or is there an easier solution that I haven't thought of?