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yogi_Compute in Android ROM Comparison Table Row By Row Average Of Numbers in Points Columns

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Auto populate column with a Filter Formula
Hi all!
I need a help with function that will repeat each new row that inserted to the sheet, array function could help, but
the problem is in the FILTER() function

in sheet named sw, column D3:D must be a function, that calculates sum of cell values, in "points" named columns (each row separately), and divide by count of "points" columns
I can't just select in formula predefined columns and must use filter(), because every user can add a columns and also can add a new category so it also can add another one or more "points" columns - in this case the formula will not know about a new value place and will ignore it.

does the job, but I need to continuously copy this function every new row.
I've tried 

but it doesn't work.
can anyone suggest something?
thanks in advance