Wednesday, August 21, 2013

yogi_Extract Matching Values For Multiple Rows In Another Sheet For Different Columns

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Aug, 21 2013
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Hi Yogi.
i am trying to send emails with attachments from a spreadsheet but i am looking for a good way to update which attachments should be sent.
for example.
One sheet (filelist) contains a filename list and a idnumberlist (id:s for google drive files)

            a                                 b
a1       filelist                        idlist
a2       file1          0B64xvjHVr1V7VHZuMS15azl4SzQ
a3       file2          1BIHsiL-yWEjdCHqMedu7sIrMA2WX7fRCXPbnowO_aJ4

another sheet contains form inputs and than it searches for the idnumber acording to the input in c and d and gives the idnumber in e and f
        a                   b                                 c                         d                             e                             f
a1   name          email                         attachment1   attachment2      searchid1           searchid2
a2   Daniel     file1                    file2                      =idnumber file1  =idnumber file2
a3   ruben  file2                    file1                      =idnumber file2    =idnumber file1
a4   Oskar       file1                    file2                      =idnumber file1    =idnumber file2

when i tried to add the same cars several times in you car query it only displayed it ones in the search column. and in this one you see file1 shows up for example 2 times in the c column and the idnumber for file1 (0B64xvjHVr1V7VHZuMS15azl4SzQ) should be displayed twice in the e column.
also when i tried the query in 2 sheets i couldnt get it working because it querys only from one sheet.

Looking forward to your help.

Hey Yogi
here is  the link to the spreadsheet:

As you see i want display an idnumber in F and G for each line file found in D and E and if the cell is empty than the search cell is empty.

Made some comments and such so you see easier.
Thanks Alot