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yogi_Set Up To Show Comma Delimited CheckBox Items In Form Responses Sheet In Separate Lines

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Google Forms Checkbox Results to new line within same box instead of a comma
Hi everyone!
I'm currently trying to use Google Forms to make a reservation sheet for my weekly reservations of new release books. My goal is to have people go on the form and check off the stuff that they would like to reserve. Then on my end, I would just sort out the names on the spreadsheet alphabetically and print. My only concern now is that I would like to be able to print it out with the customers name, followed by the items in like a list form below it. 
What happens now is that the results from the Checkbox end up being separated by commas so when I go to print it out its all jumbled together. I've tried changing the column size so that they fit in one line each but certain titles are either too long or too short and it doesn't work out that way. I would really just like to know if there's any way I can either accept results and they automatically come in as new lines or if theres some kind of custom function i can create here or on excel that will help me with this? 
Thank you!
here is a link to the spreadsheet
Basically, I have a form with a checkbox that goes into this sheet. The NEW COMICS column receives the checkbox results but separates the items by commas. On the right, I typed out the expected outcome that I would want to have for the NEW COMICS column. Essentially, I just want the commas to be turned into new lines within the same box, if thats possible?
in the following solution I have extracted the information from Sheet1 into yogi_Sheet1 showing the comma delimited data in column E (from CheckBox input via Google Form) in separate lines in the same cell row by row.

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