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yogi_Consolidate Info From Similar Fields In Example Table Into Display Table

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.       Google Spreadsheet    Post  #698   Aug 15, 2012

user gazah said: (!searchin/docs/gazah/docs/co3cL7NzGlY/fl65gbfOPscJ%5B1-25%5D)
Filters Questions
Having a little bit of trouble with some stuff.
Okay i 3 sheets on in which is inputted (a database), a KEY sheet with different things that are used and i have create a new sheet.
All data that will be searched for will be entered horizontally. 
This new sheet should filter through the database horizontally, it first gets an ID number that can be changed from the new sheet, it then finds the ID number in the database which are all located in the A column, i then want it to look horizontal for all then entries that there is and display them on another sheet. 
However i need it to display four columns at a time in which then they will display underneath. Is there anyway of only displaying the data in a certain range?

Okay i got all the filter bits done however because the data is horizontal it display all the data horizontally. 
Now all i need is after every 4 colmns to then put the data undernearth.
ID     Name1    Name2    Name3    Name4   Name1    Name2    Name3       Name4
101      1        2        3        4       5        6        7           8
Then on my display sheet i want it to do this:
Name1        Name2        Name3        Name4
  1            2            3            4
  5            6            7            8

following is a solution for 1 record as posted by the user and then a more generalized problem with many records in EXAMPLE TABLE

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