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yogi_Extract Specified Number Of Top Scorers From A Range Of Names Ans Scores In A Sheet

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Top 5 Records In a Sheet
I have a spreadsheet That I will be constantly updating with new info. 
There are two columns of info, one a column of names, the other a column of numbers.
What I want to do is list the top five Number/Name combinations on another sheet in the workbook.
New Name/Number combos will be added to the list as time goes on.
Another Difficulty is that the Number Column is updated by a =Countif function and wont be updated manually, And is in no way tied to the Name Column.
Is there a formula or workaround I could use to Transpose the Names and Numbers ONLY IF they are the top five in an array?
This is for an online game, I'm tracking the number of actions taken by certain players by taking raw data and organizing it into different groupings, I have that aspect take care of.
Now I have to take each grouping (sheet) and make it so the people with the Amounts are listed in order on a seperate sheet
The picture I've attached is a basic idea of what I am looking for. Except my spreadsheet is much more elaborate since all the data is compiled via formulas and raw data from a master list.
I need the list on the right to update automatically from the list on the left. The list on the right needs to have the current top 5, which could change from minute to minute
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following is a solution to the problem