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yogi_Using ArrayFormula To Convert String Values To Numbers

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Using ArrayFormula with Filter to convert string values to numbers
Imagine I have a question bank for students and I'm trying to give them subjective scores on their responses like:
Tried (1 point) , Close (5 points), Correct (10 points).

Then after giving students subjective scores on their test questions, I can later modify the the points awarded to Tried, Close, and Correct in a small table without having to go question by question to change the score.

I'm trying to use a filter to narrow down the questions for each student, then an index/match to look up the value awarded for each question. I don't think I'm using Sum/ArrayFormula the right way though.

You can see my dummy data here: 

The answers I want to receive are in column B and my formula attempt is in column C. 

Thanks for your help in advance!

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