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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI     Oct-13-2017
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add days to a date based on a cell being selected
How can I have Google forms take an event date that is listed in one cell, and subtract a fixed number of days to that date based on whether 1 of 2 cells are checked?  If one cell is checked i need it to subtract 6 days, and if another cell is checked I need it to subtract 14 days into another column and put that date in the "ship date" box  Is this possible?
I manually did what I want google sheets to do?
Is this possible
Thank you so much for helping me, I am new to google forms.  The event date is 10/10/17 so I will need to ship 6 days prior so it should be, oops I had the original number of days as 8, and then changed it to 6. Sorry it should be 10/4/17.  And to add to it the complexity the ship date can not land on a weekend.  If 6 days prior lands on a weekend, we need to move it to the Friday before.  The 6 days should count weekends but we do not ship on weekends.  Thank you again for your help;