Sunday, December 11, 2016

yogi_For Dates In Column A Assign Weekday And 'Commenncing Week Of ' Day Number Of Monday of The Week

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How to update the date, weekly?

I know how to update the date daily ( =today() ) but is there a way to do this but weekly? I know I can set up scripts to do different things on a weekly basis but can't think how I would do this to make it change weekly and not change the date daily in between.

To explain further, if I was to use =today() on Monday it would show Monday in the cell with the date. The next day it would change to Tuesday and so on. But what I would like is a similar function but to only change weekly. On Monday it would show week commencing 7th, Tuesday it would still show week commencing the 7th, same would go for Wednesday, etc. Until the following Monday where it would change to week commencing 14th.