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yogi_Pull List Of Unique Items In Columns D to F With Their Corresponding Count From Most To Least In Alphabetical Order

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How to list and count unique cells in multiple columns?

I'm wondering how you list and count the number of unique cells when they're in multiple columns and in a different tab. What formula would you use?
(I have data listed in columns D-F in one tab, and there are some repeats in different columns. I want to see which ones are repeated the most and how many times)

'm sorry, I don't want to make my spreadsheet public.

I did find a formula through a Google search which works for all the data in one column, but I don't know how to modify it for three columns. The formula I found was this:

=query(query('Bonuses'!$D$1:$D;"select D, upper(D) where (D is not null and D<>'')";0);"select Col1, count(Col2) group by Col1 order by count(Col2) desc label count(Col2) 'count'";1)

Do you know how to change this so that it works for columns D-F, and not just D?