Friday, May 23, 2014

yogi_Conditional Formatting For Tentative Launch Date When It Precedes A Specified Reference (Today) Date

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   May-23-2014
post by BryanP -- question by sricha: (!mydiscussions/docs/OsjqOTXZQl4)
New Conditional Formatting option - Custom formula is

Wanted to check if today() function can be used within custom formula of conditional formatting? I am trying this query which otherwise works fine-

=if(F3<TEXT(left(today(),1)/3, "0.0")))

Appreciate any help.

Thanks for looking into it Yogi !
I am trying to highlight a cell based on its current status.

One cell contains product's tentative launch date. Another cell contains actual launch date.
I need to highlight 1st cell in red when today's date is > 'tentative launch date' and 'actual launch date' is null