Wednesday, January 1, 2014

yogi_Sum Up Entries In Column B For Entries In Column A That Match List of Entries In Range C2 to C

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how would i use the =sumif formula with 2 words in it instead of just one?
here's an example of what im wanting to do:

Column A          Column B                     Column C
aa                          2                             aa
aa                          5                             ad
ab                          14                           
ad                          0 
ab                          4
ab                          19
ab                          25

i want to do a =sumif formula like this: =sumif(A:A,"",B:B) where it adds the sum of both "aa" and "ab" because "aa" & "ab" both are the same type and the formula is inputted into column c. if that doesnt make any sense at all please let me know.
based on my understanding that you want to sum up amounts in column B for entries in column A that match items listed in C2:C ...
I present the solution to a bit more generalized problem as follows