Tuesday, March 12, 2013

yogi_Some Anomalies In Use Of CEILING Function Comparing Google Spreadsheet Excel And OpenOffice

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI     www.energyefficientbuild.com.    Mar 10, 2013
user Shane Dobartz and inspiration from Bas Braams :(http://productforums.google.com/forum/?zx=lp79zfmnqwy4#!category-topic/docs/spreadsheets/GeqGpPPJo9o)
Is there anyway to round up?
Good afternoon I am doing a spreadsheet where I required a certain amount of something for every 5 used. for example if I need 101, than I need 101 / 5 = 20.2, the .2 means I need one more, so I need 21

What I am trying to see is if I can "round up" in my google spreadsheet. I need to round up anything above a whole number, i.e. 20.1 to 21, 20.7 to 21, 20.000000000001 to 21, 20.999999 to 21 etc.

Is there anyway to have the format round up regardless if it "should" round down to the nearest whole number?

Thank you.
a simple question about ROUNDUP led to a critical contribution from Bas Braams on use of ROUNDUP and CEILING functions and that led me to have a bit of play and found the anomalies and differences in use of the CEILING function in Google spreadsheet, Excel, and OpenOffice