Friday, March 8, 2013

yogi_From Table of Date Film Country Count Number of all Films And Unique Films By Country

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Count UNIQUE with additional condition...

I try some things but there I can't find solution.

What I have is a table list like this
A             B         C
2.3.2013  Argo      USA
3.3.2013  Argo      USA
4.3.2013  Amour   Austria
6.3.2013  Iron Sky Finland
7.3.2013  Lincoln   USA

And now I need some statistics
Country  Screening Unique films
Austria   1              1
Finland   2              1
USA       3              2

For first column I use:

For second work as well:

But I don't know how I can calculate the third column...

Thank for your help.
following is a convoluted solution to the pronlem