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yogi_Compute Cash Flow For Specified Dates For Income And Expense Not Laid out As A DataBase

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI    Mar 8, 2013
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Sum if date is earlier than ...

Hey all,

I've recently discovered Google Docs/Sheets/Presentations and it's all really cool. Now I wonder - because I need it - wether the spreadsheets have a function that sums up the amounts of one column if the date on the same line in the next column is earlier than a certain point. Kind of like a SUMIF, but with a special comparison : a date comparison.

My goal is to be able to have on one hand a sheet with all my incomes and outcomes (yes, it's about money) with their out or in date, and on the other hand, to have a column that shows, for every day of the month, where I'll be at.
Say I start my month with $1000, and I know I'll earn a $3000 salary on the 30thBut I have to pay a $2000 rent by the 20thCrap !, even though the budget on my first sheet says I'll gain $1000 total this month and wind up at $2000, by the 20th I'll be down $1000, and my bank won't like it ! I want a function that, given a date of the month and the list of dated incomes and outcomes, tells me exactly that - tells me "Crap !" when it needs to be told to me.

Is that possible ? Thanks in advance for all help and tips.

C. T.
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info in user's spreadsheet is not laid out as a database so that does not make it easy for analysis ... in any event here we go ...