Monday, January 30, 2012

yogi_Pull Data From Another Sheet From Variable Fields And Rearrange Pulled Data A Specified

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user Grimatoma said:
I am trying to make a filter that is dynamic.
i have 3 columns B,C,D and i want a filter where if i type in the column name in lets say cell F1 column G will then replicate the data from same title from one of the columns B,C or D, and the titles for B,C,D are on row one
Ive been trying to think of different ways on how to do this but i keep getting stuck with the issue of not being able to convert the column locations into a range.
Thank you for helping!
the dummy sheet is public for anyone to edit it for now
ok, I run a paintball team at my school, and i run the entire team out of google spreadsheets. currently what have a sheet for the coaches to put players on individual lines for different events, rows B,C,D are the peoples lines. what i want to do is on another sheet or for right now, it can be right next to it. i want to display some information about the event. pretty much each line split up with the names in the correct spot. but that is the easy part.
the problem that i am having is from having a cell where i can write the name of the event to then have a filter or query then can grab that name and look at the columns titles get the right one and list all of the data for me to then modify.
for the Query function ya i am okay with using this.
then finally the OP shared another spreadsheet with more specific question(s)for which I post a solution to the problem