Sunday, January 1, 2012

yogi_Permit Viewers To Sort Pubished Spreadsheet On The Web

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user celawson said:
Allowing others to 'sort sheet A-Z' without giving them full editing permission
Hi, I want to share a spreadsheet with readers of my blog.
The spreadsheet shows the price increases a company has made, and I have several fields: Product Series (ie. the Ikea Malm series), Product Name, Product Type (ie. sofa, bed, desk), Price before increase, Price after increase, Percentage change.
Ideally, I'd like my readers to be able to sort the spreadsheet, ie. sort by 'percentage change' to see which prices have hardly changed at all, and which prices have changed a lot. But that would require giving them permission to edit (I think). I don't want to do that because that means that someone could technically delete all of it, or change the prices etc. and other readers wouldn't be getting the right information.
Is there any way to either
a) allow them to sort the columns without allowing them to edit actual cells; or
b) allow them to edit the spreadsheet however they like, but any changes they make are not saved (or saved as a copy) and the original spreadsheet remains intact and unchanged.
I know I could just put the sheet up available for download and then people could do option b), but I think the file would be more accessible if it was available to sort within the browser. (I know that in my case, if I was linked to a download from a blog - even one I trusted - I would see downloading, opening, and sorting as much more of a bother than viewing and sorting in browser, so I might be turned off the idea).
Thanks in advance
following is a solution to the problem ... I have created a sample spreadsheet and published it in List View ... the viewers can see the spreadsheet, play with it by sorting it by an y column but the viewers can neither edit nor save the spreadsheet.