Tuesday, January 10, 2012

yogi_Publish Summary Of Responses Of Select Records_SisterSpreadSheet

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user MadYanot said:
Is it possible to show the "Summary of Responses" for selected data? I. e.... I have 100 responses but I want to sort the answers by sex and then see the data for males, which is 60 of the responses. So far I have tried to sort and then copy and paste to another sheet, but am not given the choice to show responses. I have also tried to insert a chart, but it does not recognize the data in the same way the "Summary of Responses" does. HELP!
following is a solution to the problem:
there is no direct way to view a Summary of Responses for select records ...
in this solution to the problem I created a sister spreadsheet where part of the strategy is to pull the select records of interest and then I use the method I have developed to view a Summary of Responses for those select records ...

here is an image of the reference spreadsheet:

for this illustration, I chose to import only those records which had a value in column B > 5 and less than 13

and here is the Form I used for the sister spreadsheet with the added question

and here is the Summary of Responses for the select records of the reference spreadsheet