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yogi_Get sum of columns depending on the data in a few other columns Per Specified Pattern

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question by Dan Burton :!msg/docs/JR2kroEIu48/5e6jRo5XAQAJ;context-place=mydiscussions

Get sum of columns depending on the data in a few other colums


Sorry for the repeat post, I found the post below, which answers what I need to a point. My difference is that I need to look (using this example) for "Anton" in 6 or 7 different columns, not sure how to add the grouping of columns to get my final total. Any help would be greatly received,

Big Russ said:
Further to Ahab's example, you also need to add information about the column of data you are summing, so assuming you meant your example to be:
    Column B     Column C

    Anton           196,47
    Niclas           1000
    Anton            433,85
    Niclas           130
    Carl              700
The formula should be =SUMIF(B:B,"Anton",C:C) - It is possible to exclude the sum_range as Ahab specified, however I have had mixed results with how the function behaves and tend to explicitly define all aspects of the function for consistent results.