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yogi_Count The Number Of Entries In Column A With The Stipulation That Items Beginning With A Number Are Counted That many Times While Ignoring Other Numbers

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How do i add numbers from cells when the cell contains a number and text

I have 20 cells in one column.  i fill the cells in with names.  I am having the final formula count how many cells are filled in but sometimes i have to put a 2 and text in one box in which case I would like it to count that box twice, or 3 and count 3 times.  Any Ideas on how to do this?  The 7 at the bottom is counting the cells with something in them by the =COUNTA(A1:A8).  I would like the 9 cell to count the number of cells with stuff in them, plus where there is a number add it as that many instead of just one.  Please Help.

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