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yogi_Combine An ARRAY Formula And A Vertical COUNTIFS Formula (per OP's spec)

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How do I combine an ARRAY Formula and a vertical COUNTIFS formula?
I am trying to count the number of identical addresses/zip-codes that occur throughout their corresponding columns.  I can do this through a simple COUNTIFS formula, but as the spreadsheet grows, I need it to build out on its own.


I have attempted a corresponding Array Formula, but I don't know what I need to add/change in order to get it to count properly.  Any help would be appreciated!

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ROW(A:A)=1,"ARRAY - # of Events Here",IF(ISBLANK(B:B),"",COUNTIFS(C1:C,C1,D1:D,D1))))

The core of the formula is:

Below is a link to an example spreadsheet that shows what I am trying to accomplish:

Thanks for any help!

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